Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

A good season for our OCSL teams

All 5 OASC teams in the Ottawa Carleton Soccer League had good seasons despite not winning a title.

We are hoping to enter more OCSL teams next season. Please contact us if you would like to organize a team.

OASC Spitfires who finished 3rd in the Old Timers 2 Division

Men Rec 5

1Ottawa Hellenic MR514102260342632
2Carleton Place Kittens MR614101351183331
3Sporting Peru MR514101336201631
4Ottawa City MR51475241241726
5Arnprior United MR6147254133823
6Ottawa TFC MR6146262828020
7OASC Spitfires MR6146083241-918
8Ottawa Bears MR5142392042-229
9Almonte Assassins MR61420121948-296
10Lynwood Hornets MR61412112565-405

Men OT2

1AC Fiorentina Mkango OT213102145153032
2Ottawa Eagles OT21392251153629
3OASC Spitfires OT21485131181329
4Ottawa Falcons OT21373338261224
5Westboro Wolves OT21373335251024
6Gloucester Inter OT2135443629719
7FC Serbian Eagles OT2143292047-2711
8Ottawa Hellenic OT2133192544-1910
9Nepean Hotspurs OT2133192344-2110
10Croatian Jadran OT2133191340-2710
11Gloucester Sporting OT21422102438-148

Men OT3

1Perth Saints OT314103136122433
2OASC Legends OT31384145252028
3Russell Raiders OT3146262720720
4Sdc Lions OT3135442929019
5SC Bosnia OT3135353627918
6Inter Milan OT3145272941-1217
7Ottawa TFC OT3122191836-187
8Lynwood Centennials OT31321102454-307

Men OT7

1Rockers OT71494155253031
2Ottawa Eagles OT71483345311427
3Ottawa Korean Whitecaps OT7147343527824
4OASC Spitfires OT7146443432222
5Ottawa TFC OT7145273334-117
6Fusion Saigon United Truong-Sa OT7144372136-1515
7Smith Falls OT7142661831-1312
8Russell Raiders OT71413102853-256

Men OT Masters 3

1Ottawa Falcons Black Cats MOT31393136122430
2Fitzroy Dambusters MOT31491433191428
3Gloucester Hornets MOT31383230141627
4Arnprior United MOT3147342113824
5Ottawa Internationals MOT313427921-1214
6OASC Glens MOT3143381927-812
7Ottawa Falcons Ramblers MOT3143292226-411
8Ottawa Falcons Bohemians MOT31321101149-387
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