Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

Valley Cats win the Women Division 1

Valley Cats won the Women Division 1 title with a 12-1-1 record. Their only defeat coming in their last game of the season. This was the 2nd year in a row that the Valley Cats picked up the Womens crown. In 2nd place were Talons.

In the 2nd division Squad won the last game show down against Capital Punishment to take the title.

Women Division 1 (7v7)

1.Valley Cats14121148192937
5.TFL Ningxia1462651321920

Women Division 2 (7v7)

2.Capital Punishment147254034623
3.Haven't Got a Kahlua1440103042-1212
4.WC Cycos1430113070-409
5.BBFC D11410131377-643

Pumas finished 3rd in Division 1

Lightning finished in 4th place in Division 1

Capital Punishment finished as runners up in Division 2

Haven't Got a Kahlua finished in 3rd place in Division 2

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