Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

All players in the Ottawa Adult Soccer Club must follow IFAB Law 4 with regard to players equipment.

The first sentence in Law 4 states "A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous." The decision on what is considered dangerous is made exclusively by the referee.

A quick summary of law 4 is given below.

Decisions on any other type of equipment is at the discretion of the referee.

14 teams have entered this years Presidents Cup, our cup which is restricted to teams from Divisions 3 and 4.

8 year old Emerson performed the draw. It had previously been decided that the last 2 teams drawn would receive a bye in round 1 and then play each other in round 2. The 2 teams to benefit with the bye were Antonys Fidget Spinners and Kinaxis Kodiax.

21 teams will participate in this years Challenge Cup. All Division 1 and 2 teams have entered and they will be joined by AC Minority from Division 3.

The teams were seeded prior to the draw based on 2023 league records. This meant the 8 new teams participating were ranked lowest followed by Lynwood Lightning and Bird Squad FC who both participated in Division 3 in 2023. These 10 teams entered the cup draw in round 1. The remaining 11 teams all received byes in round 1 and will enter the competition in round 2.

GDC Gunners will begin their defense of the Challenge Cup against SGS from Division 2. Last years beaten finalists Warren FC will take on the winners of Bird Squad or Goal Diggers in round 2.

Watch 8 year old Emerson have lots of fun creating the cup draw.

Round 1 draw
Round 2 draw

The Ottawa Adult Soccer Club has doubled its teams in the past 5 years with 78 teams participating in 2024 compared with just 39 in 2019.

Ottawa Adult Soccer Club team entries by year

The remarkable turnaround came despite the club facing an existential threat because of the COVID-19 pandemic that impacted both the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

With the club servicing a large loan on the Richcraft turf field, the pandemic threatened to turn off the clubs revenue stream if it didn't operate a season in 2020. Despite the challenges the club was able to offer a 10 game 7 v 7 season, becoming one of only 3 leagues in Ontario to operate that summer.

"March 2020 was when our recovery started" said President Tim Baigent "Our loan on the field was costing us over $6,000 a month. We had to find a way to offer a season that summer to ensure we remained in business"

The Board of Directors immediately moved into crisis mode with half the board focusing on the challenging operational issues of how to offer a season in 2020. Meanwhile the other half were focused on strategic issues by defining the clubs roadmap out of the pandemic.

"Both committees were critical " said Tim "Without a season in 2020 the club would have been operating on fumes, while the strategy committee offered us a roadmap to recovery"

Government restrictions in the summer of 2020 restricted soccer games to local communities which meant that the 7 v 7 game was our only option. Now the Richcraft turf field which had threatened our existence became our lifeboat as we had access to a facility that allowed us to offer a 7 v 7 season starting in July. With 40 teams participating the upward trend had started.

7 v 7 action from our 2020 season

Meanwhile the strategy committee had made several key recommendations for the clubs recovery.

  1. Rebrand the club from the NCISL to the Ottawa Adult Soccer Club
  2. Merge with other adult clubs to strengthen our OCSL presence
  3. Provide more focus and resources on marketing the club

These changes were implemented over the next 18 months with the members approving the rebrand in January 2022.

The members of Spitfires Soccer Club and Lynwood Centennials Soccer Club then voted to join our club to take advantage of the larger infrastructure and benefits that our club can offer. Between the 2 clubs, 13 new teams were added to the OASC.

Our own league has also seen a significant growth since 2019. 63 teams will participate in 2024 an increase of over 60% since the 2019 season.

Tim also recognized the contribution of the team managers in our recovery "The Board of Directors and our staff can offer leadership, but its the team managers who make our club a success. Its easy to over look the fact that without our dedicated team managers we wouldn't exist. We appreciate their hard work in preparing their team."

2024 team data

The Ottawa Adult Soccer Club is pleased to announce a partnership with Broadway Across Canada.

The partnership will offer our members and their friends discounted tickets for shows at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

Ticket savings can be as high as $40 per ticket through our group discount.

To purchase your tickets access our partnership portal by clicking the logo below.

Les Miserables will be performing at the National Arts Centre August 6 - 11, 2024.

Still the World's most popular musical. Cameron Mackintosh presents the acclaimed production of Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg’s Tony Award®-winning musical phenomenon, Les Misérables.

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12 teams will participate in the Women Over 45 Divisions.

This year it was decided to split the teams into 2 divisions as follows

Division 1

Division 2

The Chili Peppers and Momma Cats are playing their first season in the Ottawa Adult Soccer Club.

Each team will play 14 games with the season starting on Monday May 13th and concluding on Monday August 26th.

All games are played on the artificial turf at the Richcraft Recreation Complex.

CP Tornado are back for another season.

7 teams will participate in this years Women Division 1

The season will start on Monday May 13th and will conclude on Monday August 26th. This year games have been scheduled on the public holidays,

Each team will play a 14 game schedule with each game scheduled for 1 hour, 2 x 30 minute halves

All games are played on the artificial turf at the Richcraft Reacreation Complex.

Haven't Got a Kahlua are back for another season

10 teams will participate in the Wednesday evening 7 v 7 division for Men over 35.

This is the first season in the Ottawa Adult Soccer Club for Dynamo Dragons and Tropic Thunder. QNX Repers return to the club after a few years and FORD Lightening and JDS Predators switch from last years Division 3 and 4 respectively


The first 9 games of each teams schedule have been published. After these games have been completed each division will be split into Division 1 and 2. The top 5 teams after 9 games will continue in Division 1 with the bottom 5 teams moving to Division 2.

The remaining 5 games of the schedule will be published later in the season and will be a round robin against the other 4 teams in the division plus one cross over game as follows

1st -v- 6th
2nd -v- 7th
3rd -v- 8th
4th -v- 9th
5th -v- 10th

All games will be 1 hour long and will be played on the artificial turf at the Richcraft Recreation Complex

Legends United are back for their 3rd season in the Men Over 35 Division.

Six teams will participate in this years Men Division 4

This will be the first season forShrew Crew.

The season starts on Thursday May 23rd and concludes on Thursday August 29th. Each team will play 14 games.

Eight teams will participate in this years Men Division 3

Only Kinaxis and Sons of Pitches participated in Division 3 last year. Last years Division 4 champions EY Beams join 5 new teams to make up the division.

The season starts on Thursday May 23rd and concludes on Thursday August 29th. Each team will play a double round robin schedule against the other 7 teams for a total of 14 games.

EY Beams were promoted from Division 4 last year