Ottawa Adult Soccer Club


The Ottawa Adult Soccer Club are pleased to announce a new partnership with FuboTV.

FuboTV is a streaming service that screens live soccer matches, including all matches in England’s Premier League and Italy’s Serie A.

For every purchased subscription though our account the club will receive a commission. The Board of Directors has decided that all commission raised through this partnership will be donated to the team that raised it as a credit to use against their 2024 fees

Commission rates are dependent on the US$ exchange rate at the time of purchase but are typically

  • $15 for every Monthly Plan Subscription;
  • $20 for every Quarterly Plan Subscription;
  • $30 for every Annual Plan Subscription.

So if your team sells 10 annual subscriptions that’s a credit of $300 to be used against your 2024 team entry fee.

“This is a win win program for our members” said General Manager Dawn Dinsdale. “Not only can you obtain access to some of the best soccer in the world but you can gain a significant income for your team’s budget”

Further information on how the commission will be paid will be sent to the team managers.

To purchase a subscription through our partnership you must click the image below