Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

Merge With Us

If you currently manage a club or a team that plays in the OCSL consider joining the Ottawa Adult Soccer Club and enjoy the benefits of being part of Ottawa's biggest adult soccer club, while continuing to play in the OCSL.

If you would like to discuss what we can do for you please contact our General Manager Dawn Dinsdale (613–852–4144).

Here are some of the many benefits of joining the OASC.

Save money when your club joins the OASC

Your operating costs will be reduced when your club joins the OASC.

  • You will no longer need to pay for EODSA membership.
  • Your financial review costs such as auditors fees can be removed.
  • Your insurance policies such as Directors Liability insurance can be eliminated.
  • You will be able to take advantage of our clubs discounts on equipment partnerships.

Overall you should see noticeable cost savings.

Focus on the fun part of the game

The OASC has professional staff to help administer your teams.

All those tasks that you probably don’t like doing can be taken over by our staff.

  • Registering your players on Sports Engine.
  • Managing your application to the OCSL.
  • Organizing exhibition games.

This leaves you free to focus on the fun parts of playing soccer.

Keep your independence

Your club can continue to have full autonomy.

You can keep your existing team names and your club logo.

In addition you still choose:

  • Which OCSL division you apply for.
  • Which uniforms you wear.
  • Which players you register.
  • What you charge your players to join your teams.

As far as your players are concerned not much will change.

Gain access to a large pool of players for call ups

The OASC has over 1,000 players in our own league.

OCSL teams will be able to call these players up when needed so there’s no longer a reason to play short.

Give your club a bigger voice

Adult soccer in Ottawa is fragmented with lots of small clubs.

By consolidating those clubs into one larger club you get a bigger say in how soccer is organized in Ottawa.

Being part of a bigger club now allows you to have a major influence in soccer decisions both in the EODSA, the OCSL and Ontario Soccer.

Benefit from our partnerships

When you become part of our club you can particiate in our partnerships.

We currently have partnerships with:

  • Atletico Ottawa.
  • Ottawa Senators.
  • FuboTv.
  • City of Ottawa.

Other partnerships will be added in the future.

Obtain priority bookings on the Richcraft turf field

All OASC teams have first choice on booking the artificial turf field at the Richcraft Recreation Complex.

The field is Ottawa's only FIFA 2 star compliant field, the highest ranking FIFA offers.

Use it for your games or practices.