Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

Social Media Policy

The social media policy outlines how our organization, its employees, and its volunteers conduct themselves via the internet. The policy protects the OASC’s online reputation and encourages employees and volunteers to become engaged in sharing about the OASC in their online experience.

Whereas many individuals may post content, the General Manager is responsible for the daily management of the organizations social media policy.

All content posted on OASC online platforms must be posted in English. If an employee or volunteer wishes to also submit the content in a second language, then prior written permission must be obtained from the General Manager.

Social media presence

The OASC should strive to meet the following minimum levels of social media presence on its online platforms.

•    In season game days     Daily
•    Pre season                       Twice a week
•    Off season                        Once a week

Approved content
Employees and volunteers of the OASC are approved to post the following content on any OASC online platform

•    OASC statistics.
•    OASC news and announcements.
•    Player recruitment announcements
•    News and announcements from the EODSA, Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer
•    Local soccer news
•    Professional soccer news and commentary

Restricted content
Employees and volunteers of the OASC require written permission from the President or Vice President prior to posting the following online content

•    Political commentary and opinion
•    Religious commentary and opinion
•    Social justice and charity campaigns
•    Partner announcements

Prohibited content
Employees and volunteers are prohibited from posting the following on all OASC online platforms.

•    Plagiarized content.
•    Inappropriate jokes.
•    Inflammatory comments or obscenity.
•    Offensive images.
•    Images or content that they have not received the rights to.
•    Discriminatory remarks.
•    Content that infringes on people’s privacy rights.

Confidential information
Employees and volunteers are prohibited from posting confidential information about our organization on both the OASC online platforms and their own personal social media accounts.

Policy violation
Violating this policy may result in disciplinary action against an individual even up to termination from the OASC.

Annual review
This policy is approved annually by the OASC Board of Directors.

The policy is reviewed annually with all employees and volunteers of the OASC.