Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

Uniform Program

The program has two objectives

  1. To encourage teams to purchase a new set of uniforms every 3 years
  2. To offer our members preferred pricing with a uniform supplier
  1. Each team who joins the OASC will have a uniform account with the OASC
  2. The Board of Directors will approve an annual uniform budget.
  3. Using a formula approved by the Board of Directors, the uniform budget will be credited to each participating teams uniform account.
  4. Once a set of team uniforms have been purchased, a withdrawal request from the uniform account can be made by submitting an email to the OASC together with the receipt for the uniform purchase (up to a maximum amount of the current balance which is in the teams uniform account). A team uniform is defined as a set of shirts, shorts and socks and must be in accordance with the appropriate competition rules.
  5. A teams uniform account is limited to a maximum of $1000.00.
  6. When a team leaves the OASC their uniform credit is transferred to existing teams uniform accounts according to a formula approved by the Board of Directors on a case by case basis.
  7. A team is not restricted to using the preferred supplier for their uniform purchase
  8. If a team receives a full set of uniforms from a sponsor they may submit a request to the Board of Directors for their uniform credit to be spent in other means.