Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

Challenge Cup Draw

21 teams will participate in this years Challenge Cup. All Division 1 and 2 teams have entered and they will be joined by AC Minority from Division 3.

The teams were seeded prior to the draw based on 2023 league records. This meant the 8 new teams participating were ranked lowest followed by Lynwood Lightning and Bird Squad FC who both participated in Division 3 in 2023. These 10 teams entered the cup draw in round 1. The remaining 11 teams all received byes in round 1 and will enter the competition in round 2.

GDC Gunners will begin their defense of the Challenge Cup against SGS from Division 2. Last years beaten finalists Warren FC will take on the winners of Bird Squad or Goal Diggers in round 2.

Watch 8 year old Emerson have lots of fun creating the cup draw.

Round 1 draw
Round 2 draw