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Looking for a Team

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Current requests are listed below.

Posted Date Heading Gender
2023-09-1331 yr, moving to Ottawa and wanting to play soccerMaleView
2023-09-0923 yr looking for male a team for fall and winterMaleView
2023-09-0525 yr old Looking for a teamMaleView
2023-08-2038 years old, I can play any position availableFemaleView
2023-08-17Female looking for a teamFemaleView
2023-08-1521 years old with 10 years experience, searching.MaleView
2023-07-1321 years dearly looking for a teamMaleView
2023-06-2922 Year Old Competitive Player Looking for Team MaleView
2023-03-07Female looking for a team FemaleView
2023-03-07Women - striker and kid needs a team FemaleView