Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

Looking for a Team

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Current requests are listed below.

Posted Date Heading Gender
2024-06-20Midfielder looking to join a team of 11MaleView
2024-06-1833yr old any outfield position looking for a teamMaleView
2024-06-16Right Back and left back.MaleView
2024-06-16Midfielder looking for competitive teamFemaleView
2024-06-1433yr old any outfield position looking for a teamMaleView
2024-06-14Looking for a team / Old timers.MaleView
2024-06-06Winger/striker looking for a teamMaleView
2024-05-31Looking for a teamMaleView
2024-05-29looking for 35+ 7 against 7MaleView
2024-05-29looking for a team, 32, male, any positionMaleView
2024-05-27Looking for old timers team 35 plus MaleView
2024-05-14wing mid,defense Div 2MaleView
2024-05-1327 Y/O looking for a competitive team (& training)MaleView
2024-05-0729 y/o male looking for team in lowest divisionMaleView
2024-05-0636 year-old, competitive or recreationalMaleView
2024-05-0322 year old looking for a teamMaleView
2024-04-15Looking for 35+ mens teamMaleView
2024-04-11Seasoned Player looking for Over45 Women's TeamFemaleView
2024-04-05Looking for a co-ed or women's team FemaleView
2024-04-0121 y/o looking for a recreational team FemaleView
2024-03-2922 year old looking for a teamMaleView
2024-03-19Midfielder / sticker looking for a teamMaleView
2024-03-1418 year old male, play forward, looking for teamMaleView
2024-03-12Male 35 year old Goal KeeperMaleView
2024-02-25Looking to play 35+ league MaleView
2023-08-1521 years old with 10 years experience, searching.MaleView
2023-06-2922 Year Old Competitive Player Looking for Team MaleView
2023-03-07Female looking for a team FemaleView