Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

Lynwood Centennial join the OASC

The members of Lynwood Centennial Soccer Club have voted to join the Ottawa Adult Soccer Club.

Lynwood Centennial President Mark Simonson stated that the attraction of joining the biggest adult soccer club in Ottawa was very appealing to his members.

“Having access to the larger infrastructure of the OASC as well as the experience and expertise of their executive and administrative staff to support our club was a big draw for our members and our Board.” said Mark. "We see this move as a win-win for both sides and a very positive move for Lynwood that will assist in the long term sustainability of our organization"

The Lynwood Centennial were formed in 1967 and will field 10 teams in the OCSL this season.

We are delighted to welcome the Lynwood Centennial teams into our club” said OASC President Tim Baigent. “We hope that other adults in Ottawa will also consider the many advantages that we can offer

Lynwood Centennial Masters Division 3 team