Ottawa Adult Soccer Club

Players equipment - laws of the game

All players in the Ottawa Adult Soccer Club must follow IFAB Law 4 with regard to players equipment.

The first sentence in Law 4 states "A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous." The decision on what is considered dangerous is made exclusively by the referee.

A quick summary of law 4 is given below.

  • Shin guards are not optional and they must be worn at all times. They must also be covered by the players socks.
  • Jewellery can not be worn during the game and it must be removed. You are not permitted to cover jewellery with tape.
  • Watches and Fitbits can not be worn.
  • Players may wear glasses for corrective vision but must not wear sunglasses.
  • Hats may only be worn by goalkeepers as long as the brim is soft but they can not be worn backwards.
  • Only soft casts may be worn on arms

Decisions on any other type of equipment is at the discretion of the referee.